I'm a UI designer from Finland, who loves to design simple and usable [ interfaces ]

I 'm 27 years old and work currently with the wonderful people at Avoine Kisko Labs. My passion for Web design began somewhere in 1996. I was only 12 years old, when I first started learning how to develop websites. I soon realized that it was truly, what I was born to do. I began exploring web standards and the concept of accessibility in depth and have been following that path ever since. Nowadays, I am constantly on the look for new techniques and what they might offer.

My strengths are in user interface design, usability, semantic markup and CSS development. I also have a lot of knowledge about Web standards, accessibility, mobile web and JavaScript indepth. Above all, my goal is to learn something new everyday to keep my ideas and designs fresh.

It may sound funny, but the world really looks different through the eyes of a designer. I cannot even use a microwave oven rather just stove without thinking its usability, or walk the streets without always exploring surrounding shapes and objects: logos, signs, buildings, people and their beautiful relation to each other. It's the gift and the curse of my job to see all those small details.